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Who is BoomTech?

Boomtech is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the design and development of high reliability, low cost wireless communication products, embedded software and solutions for consumer wireless products.

In the team cooperation, we grasp the market pulse and industry trend, actively explore innovative product lines, from the “single product” at the beginning to the product lines of chips, modules and PCBA. We are listed under the National Equities Exchange & Qoutation (NEEQ no. 837529)

Our Capabilities

Own Production Line
Boomtech has its own production line, which can meet the needs of customers at the fastest speed. Boomtech Industry adheres to the belief of market segmentation and industry resource integration, and carries out strategic cooperation with major well-known IC agent manufacturers in the industrial chain. In terms of perfect marketing strategy, Boomtech Industry integrates resources from all sectors of the industry to create a “complete product line” to meet customers’all-round needs and expand the market scale.

Quality First
The company upholds the concept of quality first and service higher than customer standards, and continuously launches new products to provide customers with personalized services and the best cost-effective products and core technologies, so that customer products have a strong market competitiveness. Boomtech Industries makes full use of industry resources, actively expands markets in South Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States, and achieves good results.

Our Past Products

The company will continue to develop and innovate. At present, we have independently developed automated production testing software and automated testing equipment to further improve technology research and development capabilities, improve technical support and services, enhance production capacity, and build the company into an industry benchmark to provide complete technical solutions and products for the wireless audio field.

Our Divisions

R&D Department
There are 15 R&D personnel in IOT Department. The main products are designed and developed around IOT product lines.There are 35 R&D personnel in Digital Department. The main products focus on the product design and development in the field of Bluetooth Audio.

Digital Department
Qualcomm: CSR867x、QCC302x、QCC303x、 QCC304x、 QCC514x​
Airoha: AB153x、AB155x、 AB156x​
Actions: ATS301x、ATS283x​
BES: BES2300Ix

IOT Department
ST: BlueNRG-xx、STM32WB55xx​​
MTK: AB250x
AB Bluetrum: AB530xx​

Our Clients

Boomtech has rich industry resources, global high-quality customer base, excellent corporate culture and management team, strong innovation ability, decision-making and execution, complete product line, rapid service response, so that Boomtech Industry has been able to maintain a leading position in the industry. Boomtech Industry insists on leading customers in quality, speed and cost to provide quality products and services.

Quality Accreditation

Our Factory

To ensure that the company’s products and services meet customer needs, the company has established an advanced SMT production base – Shenzhen Baihui reached a strategic partner. The company organizes design, production and service in strict accordance with ISO 9001 international quality standards. With strict production process and quality control measures, BOOMTECH brand is growing into a supplier and partner of first-class brand in the industry. PCBA can produce more than 3 million tablets per month.

Development Milestones

More about BoomTech

Founded in 2004, the company has provided a wide range of audio and video application experience for global consumers, enabling people to fully enjoy the auditory and visual impact brought by technology. With the gradual expansion of the company’s business scope and scale, in order to improve the company’s business management more effectively, Shenzhen Boomtech Industrial Co. Ltd. reorganized in 2015 and decided to classify three major business departments by product line, namely semiconductor business, digital business and IOT business. The division of product business department has promoted the development of Lean quality and core technology of each product line more concentratedly and effectively.​

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